“We'll be closing out the first night of one of the best blues festivals in the Pacific Northwest - The Sunbanks Rhythm & Blues Festival!” - NV

Details: http://www.sunbanksfestival.com/ Tickets: http://www.sunbanksfestival.com/tickets.html

Some LATE NIGHT impromptu FUN in another Bar:

“So, it's, can't say o'clock in the morning, and Johnny Main, (The 44's) hands me an axe he just bought for $20, plugs it in, and David Hildalgo (Los Lobo's) gets behind the drums.” - NV https://www.facebook.com/nick.vigarino/videos/1551974168154967/

SUNBANKS LAKE RESORT 57662 HWY 155N, Electric City, WA 509.633.3786 https://sunbanksresort.com/