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We’re takin’ good livin’ to a whole ‘nother level! 
Compilation CD Album 
Pop • Hip-Hop • R&B • Gospel • Teen Pop • Rap • Jazz • Blues 

The CD Album DEDICATION: “Our Change Your Food - Change Your Life Artist Ambassadors hope that one of their songs catches your ear and makes that healthful difference in your life!” - Dennis L. Weaver, Producer 
 1. GOOD LiViN’ - Radio Mix  AnnaMaria Pasley-Horn 3:19 (Pop) 
    The Organic Good Food ANTHEM: “Organic food is the cure for lovin' life,     
    that's for sure.  We’re takin’ good livin’ to a whole nother level.  Change your 
    food, change your life. Change is good and good is right.  We’ve got good eats 
    and good treats.  You can see ‘em shinnin’ in the glow of my skin!” 
2. ‘Til My Change Comes  Pastor Gary L. Wyatt 4:26 (Gospel) 
    “The Lord told me the other day that there was a change comin’.  Help me 
     bless Him right now for the change that’s coming.  I can see it on the horizon.” 
(A trilogy: Each song dissolves right into the next.  The Story of a Journey of Discovery and Good Health)  3. Don’t Buy The Lie!  Solomon Wyatt & The Sanctified Soldiers ATK - Dre, Tmac, K-Strat 4:34 (Rap) “Know the truth” 4. GO-O  Gary L. Wyatt 3:17 (R&B) “If I knew you were lyin’ to me, I would have left ya a long time ago.  So, here it is, I’m sayin’ so long.  I’m gonna go O, GO O … and I feel so good” 5. I Once Was Blind  Gary L. Wyatt 3:28 (Pop)  “I’ve come to know a new reality.  Look out World, here comes a brand new me.” 
6. I’d Like To Thank You  Ellen Livesay 4:06 (Gospel) 
    “I’d like to thank you, Lord, for your healthy and vital Organic Good Food.  It     
     was you who healed me.  You provided all I need.”  
7. 7 HOT MINUTES of ‘Til My Change Comes - LIVE!  7:03 (Gospel) 
     Pastor Gary L. Wyatt& The Jackson Sistas with The SureHouse Band and    
     Grammy-Award Winner Dave Raynor on Guitar.  BANG! 
8. GOOD LiViN’ - LIVE!  AnnaMaria Pasley-Horn 3:54 (Pop) 

9. GET UP!  Gary L. Wyatt and 5-year old Granddaughter, Nique Nique 3:54 
    (Pop with a little Jamaican beat) 
    “Get up and dance with me, get up, clap you hands and move your feet, get 
     up. Feel the rhythm of the beat, get up, get up and dance with me. GET UP!” 
     (Our exercise track) 
10. It’s Your Beat!  Keely Clark 3:14 (Teen Pop) 
      “Getting’ out and eatin’ healthy.  Feelin’ that beat is the way to be.  Your life   
       can really be sweet. You only got one, so you got to live it right, ya know.” 
11. It’s Your Beat! – KARAOKE PERFORMANCE TRACK.  Includes Lyrics 
      Sheet.  Performance Track by The Beat Boyz
 3:16 (Teen Pop) 
      The complete Lyrics to It’s Your Beat! and the actual PERFORMANCE    
      TRACK that was created for KEELY CLARK for recording her HIT 
      Teen Pop song, It’s Your Beat!  Be our next Artist Ambassador! 
12. MaryJanesFarm  Ellen Livesay 3:30 (Country Jazz) 
      “So be the farm girl in you.  Embrace the sisterhood of your heart.  Farm 
       chick, city chick, urban, outdoor, any chick, that’s you.” 
13. Sizzle for Me  Ellen Livesay 3:36 (Smoky Jazz) 
      “I need you, you sustain my life and fulfill me, my love” 
14. GOOD LiViN’ – Rider Version  AnnaMaria Pasley-Horn 3:17 (Hip-Hop) 
      If you like to cruise, sitting way down low in your seat with the windows open    
      and your trunk is FILLED with high-end audio equipment, THIS cut is for    
15. Oreo® Cookie Blues  Nick Vigarino 5:44 (BLUES!) 
      “I got chocolate on my fingers, got icing on my lips.  I got sugar diabetes, got   
       blubber on my hips.” 

       (Just a very short breather between Oreo® Cookie Blues and Secret to Life

16. Secret To Life  Nique Nique 1:02 (Just CHARMING!) 
      “I may be young, but I know what’s right!” 

© (p) 2015 Change Your Food - Change Your Life!™, Inc. 
DANCE to it!  SING to it!  EXERCISE to it!  SHOP to it!  EAT to it!  DRINK to it! 
That’s the equation for the good life. 

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