The Cover Art is a Story all unto itself: 
To complete the one-of-a-kind CHANGE YOUR FOOD - CHANGE YOUR LIFE!™ Presents: GOOD LiViN’ Compilation CD Album, we wanted to have a Cover as original as the Music.  So, we commissioned a young Artist to design the Cover Art, the three-fold six-panel CD Package and the CD Face. 
The Artist: Lillyan S. Hendershot

Lillyan has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Studio Art Oil Painting from Western Washington University and a Master of Fine Arts in Media Design from Full Sail University. 
She has exhibited her paintings in numerous galleries throughout the Puget Sound and became Internationally recognized in several art publications including “Inside the Artist”, “Art Buzz”, “International Contemporary Artist” and “Direct Art Magazine”. 
Lillyan’s art was featured in a hardcover book, “FEATURED ARTISTS”.  “FEATURED ARTISTS” is an overview of modern art, a source for artists, galleries, museums, art collectors who constantly seek the new trends in the world of art. “FEATURED ARTISTS” includes profiles and information about several artists who represent different trends of art. The book has 96 pages, hardcover 21x21 cm - 8.2X8.2 in. and it is created by Niki Katiki, Publisher and fine artist of Modern Art Community.

Over a year ago we began to send Lillyan our Songs, Track by Track as they were Mastered, along with Artist Ambassador Introductions and some early “Reviews” we had received when ‘testing’ the Songs.  We also sent Lillyan dozens and dozens of pictures of our Artist Ambassadors and TEAM Change Your Food - Change Your Life!   
Then several Months ago, I met with Lillyan, and her assignment: Interpret us! 
“When Dennis Weaver of Change Your Food - Change Your Life!™ Commissioned me to do the artwork for the new CD Project, I knew that we would be bringing together several genres of music including Pop, Hip-Hop, R&B, Gospel, Teen Pop, Rap and Jazz.  To meet this challenge I focused on the one thing that really ties everything together: Livin' The Good Food Life!  Before beginning the creative process, even though a couple of years ago I had the good fortune to be invited to DINE with Dennis, Keely Clark and the Change Your Food - Change Your Life! Good Food Girl, Maura, at one of Seattle’s premier Organic Restaurants, The Copperleaf, I did my research to get in the mindset of making healthy food choices.  

I came across a photo of Dennis biting down on a fresh orange in UNCLE MATT’S® Organic Grove.

The orange tree in the background made its way into the artwork because it was such a significant image for me. I drew influence from organic fresh fruits and vegetables straight out of the garden and the feeling of springtime when everything is in bloom and life is renewed. 

Of course I had to assemble the artwork in my signature style using mixed media.