The last time NICK played the Conway Pub & Eatery, he did from atop the BAR:

“Vigarino radiates an unpredictable fervor with slashing slide guitar, powerful vocals, funky licks, modern lyrics and his slop jar delta funk blues. His style elevates the blues to a place where the roots are respected, yet nudged towards the future. He consistently captures, then rivets listeners with precise, passionate performances.” - Ray Varner; Blues Historian, Ethno-musicologist, and critic, contributes his writings to many music publications, including Living Blues Magazine, Jefferson (Sweden) and Caledonia.

After you ASK NICK to play “Oreo® Cookie Blues”, walk up and get yourself one of our FREE DOWNLOAD CARDS for his ONLY RECORDING of “Oreo® Cookie Blues” so you can play it all the way home!

CONWAY PUB and EATERY 360.445.4733 18611 Main Street, Conway, WA 98238