The Old Edison, 5829 Cains Court, Bow, WA 98232

Been missing NICK? Here’s a little something to tide you over until SATURDAY NIGHT, July 20 @ 8:30: NICK VIGARINO UP ON THE BAR!

As someone once said, “You shouldn’t miss this experience. It’s cut and dried…this guy kicks ass.” - Musician Magazine (NY, NY)

After you ASK NICK to play “Oreo® Cookie Blues”, walk up and get yourself a FREE DOWNLOAD CARD for “Oreo® Cookie Blues” so you can play it all the way home!

THE OLD EDISON – “Eat Oysters - Live Longer. We simply do the best fried oysters! Some other places make this claim, but quietly we are the best. People call from miles away to ask if we have our Samish Bay Oysters from Blau Oyster Co.”

THE OLD EDISON 5829 Cains Court Bow, WA, 98232 360.766.6266