The Conway Muse, 18444 Spruce Street, Conway, WA 98238

REMEMBER what happened that last time @ THE MUSE …NICK up ON THE BAR!!!! As someone who was THERE said, “EPIC!”

“VIGARINO radiates an unpredictable fervor with slashing slide guitar, powerful vocals, funky licks, modern lyrics and his ‘slop jar delta funk’ blues. He consistently captures, then rivets listeners with precise, passionate performances.” - Jefferson Magazine (Sweden)

Bringing a wealth of blues/rock experience to the BACK PORCH STOMP Duo, percussionist LARRY DENNIS elevates this style to a place where roots are respected, yet nudged towards the future. Having earned finalist status at the 2011 International Blues Challenge in Memphis, NICK VIGARINO’S BACK PORCH STOMP now globally recognized as one of the TOP Blues Acts in the World. Be it a juke joint or a major festival, "Nick delivers the story with a stinging guitar second to none" - (Washington Blues Society).

When you’re takin' in THE NICK VIGARINO BACK PORCH STOMP Show @ THE CONWAY MUSE, YELL up on stage, “PLAY Oreo® Cookie Blues from your GOOD LiViN’ CD!” THEN, after they perform it for YOU, and after you've caught your breath, GO DIRECTLY TO and download yourself a copy of THE ONLY RECORDING of "Oreo® Cookie Blues" by NICK VIGARINO & LARRY DENNIS. It’s the cookin’ BACK PORCH STOMP version which you just had your ears treated to and want to REMEMBER & PLAY over and over again!

In fact, their “Oreo® Coolie Blues” recently scored ‘Officially’ Registered FANS from Carmel NY, Tampa FL, Argentina, Manipal India & Israel. If you add those to FANS in Centrum Netherlands, IIlinois, Georgetown Guyana, Labrador Canada, Mexico, &, &, &, you’ve got yourselves a BIG DEAL right there in THE MUSE!


The CONWAY MUSE, 18444 Spruce Street, Conway, WA 98238 (360) 445-3000