‘International’ ELLEN LIVESAY with her Band MESA @ BLACK MESA WINERY!

Black Mesa Winery, 241 Ledoux Street, Toas, NM 87571


BLACK MESA WINERY Voted ‘BEST OF TAOS 2017’ by the Readers of “The Taos News”.

BLACK MESA WINERY named in ‘BEST NEW MEXICO WINERIES’ by Readers of the “Santa Fe Reporter”!

And NOW, our ‘International’ ELLEN LIVESAY is in THE HOUSE!

ELLEN has attracted ‘Officially’ Registered FANS from Osaka Japan, Sydney Australia, Rwanda, Finland, Oman, Matale Sri Lanka, Willemstad Netherlands Antilles, Cuenca Ecuador, Prince Albert Saskatchewan Canada, Cape Town South Africa, Qatar, Basseterre Saint Kitts and Nevis, San Pedro Costa Rica, Lagos, Nigeria, Denmark, Medellín Columbia and yes, Holland MI, Portland OR, Midland TX, Churchville NY & Albuquerque NM, U.S.A.! ADD Monrovia Liberia and Croatia!

Our ‘Cool Jazz’ Vocalist, ELLEN LIVESAY, is performing with her Band, MESA, with a whole lot of new BLUES/ROCK material. Her earlier ‘original’ Songs, “Sizzle for Me”, “MaryJanesFarm” and “I’d Like To Thank You”, Written & Recorded for our GOOD LiViN’ Compilation CD Album, have been PLAYED & HEARD ‘round the World http://bit.ly/2lVhqgU

You can pick up ELLEN’S original recording of “Sizzle for Me”, “MaryJanesFarm” and “I’d Like To Thank You” on the GOOD LiViN’ CD directly from ELLEN with her AUTOGRAPH Saturday evening at BLACK MESA MINERY, or NOW @ www.ChangeYourFoodChangeYourLife.com


241 Ledoux Street, Taos, NM 87571
575.758.1969 http://blackmesawinery.com/About-Us/taos-wine-tasting-room