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Our Internationally Acclaimed - London, Paris, Rome, Tokyo, New York, HOLLYWOOD - Couture Fashion-Forward Designer Darling NINA MORGAN-JONES just returned from the South of France and opened a ‘By Appointment Only’ ROMP Studio/Showroom in Malibu.

But on September 21, you can shop her beautiful Paris Gauche Collection of Silks, Leathers, 70s & Rock n Roll @ the CLARIDGES HOTEL, LONDON!

Luxurious Italian materials, leathers, suedes, shearlings and silks. Made with the finest quality leathers and raw silks dyed with natural organic dyes. Beautiful craftsmanship and European fabrics are of the essence of ROMP.

Combining vintage inspired design with womanly styling, the ROMP clothing line is original and timeless, with its trademark hint of 70's rock n roll Biba chic. ROMP pieces are forever investments.

Exquisite custom creations created with the individual client can be seen on film, TV and music videos.

"Awesome Biba inspired. Oozing femme fatale charm." - LA Times.

"70's disco dreamy-sophisticate vibe, the eroticism - the silks, the colors, the's all very me". - Barbarella and the Angels

"ROMP is for women who care to celebrate the seduction of femininity whilst evoking a timeless effortless elegance".

ROMP n ROLL, Baby!

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CLARIDGE'S HOTEL, Brook Street, Mayfair, London, W1K 4HR +44 (0)20 7629 8860