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BLACK MESA WINERY was recently Voted ‘BEST OF TAOS 2017’ by the Readers of “The Taos News” and Named in ‘BEST NEW MEXICO WINERIES’ by Readers of the “Santa Fe Reporter”!

Our ‘Cool Jazz’ Vocalist, ELLEN LIVESAY, is performing with her Band, MESA, with a whole lot of new BLUES/ROCK material. Her earlier ‘original’ Songs, “Sizzle for Me”, “MaryJanesFarm” and “I’d Like To Thank You”, on our GOOD LiViN’ CD, have been PLAYED & HEARD ‘round the World & have GATHERED ‘Officially’ Registered FANS Worldwide - just recently added from Ecuador, Prince Albert Saskatchewan Canada, Cape Town South Africa, Qatar, Basseterre Saint Kitts and Nevis.

NOW, Songs from our GOOD LiViN’ CD have been PLAYED & HEARD in 180 Countries with ELLEN’S "I'd Like to Thank You" (Gospel) heard by Jenni Kerns playing in a station with Adele in Tajikistan!


ELLEN sings “I’d Like To Thank You” as a quiet little Prayer, THANKFUL for all that we have.

What others have said about ELLEN’S “I’d Like To Thank You”:

“I think the song is appropriate for this time in the life of our planet. Our planet is in peril and whatever befalls our planet, befalls all, both animal and humankind. Her song is soulful, brings an important message and should become iconic in our minds.” - Geri

“This is the most beautiful soothing prayer I've ever heard. It makes me feel good inside! Definitely touched by an Angel. I could listen to that song all day (I have and now it's stuck in my head!). The voice and lyrics are breathtaking...thank you Ellen!” - PattyJane

“The song is wonderful and gives the listener a feeling of peace and passion for Organic Good Food. Congrats on your commitment to changing the way we eat.” – Matt

“What a talented singer and a great way to share the message!” – Jennifer

“Organic Food and good water are definitely God's resources HE gave us to sustain health. Ellen sang the song so soothingly and beautifully, thank you so much Dennis!” - Dana

You can pick up ELLEN’S recording of “I’d Like To Thank You”, “MaryJanesFarm” and “Sizzle for Me” on the GOOD LiViN’ CD directly from ELLEN with her AUTOGRAPH Saturday evening at BLACK MESA MINERY, or NOW @ www.ChangeYourFoodChangeYourLife.com

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